Expel Excruciation with Pain Mechanix

The Xsceat by Pain Mechanix is a comfortable seat cushion suitable for use on home office chairs, auto seats, work office chairs, airplane seats, and uncomfortable seating at sporting events and other entertainment venues. The shape is perfect for eliminating pressure on the sciatic nerve and at the same time on the perineum, the all important conduit for blood vessels and nerves for sexual function. The wedge shape contributes to a better arching posture. The self inflating design offers infinite adjustments for comfort during long term sitting. It can be deflated and rolled up into a discreetly small bag for carrying in a purse or large pocket.

Meet the Inventor


I’m Richard Featherstone, DDS, not MD. I’m involved with orthopedics because I couldn’t get help for my sciatic nerve pain from orthopedic physicians or physical therapists over an 8 year period. I was also evaluated by pain doctors, and a neurologist. However, the best efforts of these specialists didn’t curb the radiating pain from my left buttock to my ankle. Read More


Living Comfortably!

Wow! I love this cushion! Everything else I tried was only marginally helpful, but this one let’s me sit for hours. Thanks!

Solomon G

I have suffered from sciatica for years. The xsceat is the first cushion that reduced my pain. I take less pain pills now.

Wade W

The xseat cushion is as versitile as advertised. I have let air in and out with the valve to change the pressure when needed and i...

Jean G

Driving my car has always been a pain. I didn’t realize how much the bucket seats were pressing on my nerve. I fold the cush...

Aurora M